Our Water Treatment & Filtration

Water Softening Systems

Water Softening Systems (Converted)Whole-home water softeners remove the excess of minerals found in hard water such as calcium and magnesium and soften the water throughout your home. These systems are excellent for protecting your home from the harmful effects of hard water scale build-up that are harmful for appliances and pipes, providing both water softening and chemical removal.  The benefits of our water softeners include:

  • Removes minerals in hard water that cause scale
  • Helps extend the lifespan of your appliances
  • Lifetime warranty

Whole-Home Chemical Removal Filters

Whole Home water Filters

Our carbon filters remove both man-made and organic chemicals that dissolve in your water supply and can cause serious health issues, ensuring that all the water in your home is safe and clean. The benefits of our carbon filters include:

  • Removes industrial and organic chemicals
  • Low maintenance: no chemicals or water-softening salt required
  • Treats specific water quality concerns such as chlorination, bacterial contamination and iron staining

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems (Converted)

Our 3-stage reverse osmosis systems are mounted under your sink and use micron filters to provide clean drinking water safely from the source in your kitchen or washroom. Reverse osmosis systems uses reverse osmosis membrane technology to remove contaminants and minerals, reducing your drinking water to its purest form– just H2O. The benefits of our 3-stage reverse osmosis systems include:

  • No need to buy bottled water
  • Converts tap water in to purified drinking water
  • Removes silt, rust and dirt that create cloudy water