Help Your Furnace Heat Your Home as Efficiently as Possible


As winter continues to hold the Toronto area in its frigid grasp, we here at EcoLife Home Comfort have seen quite a few “tips” to help people keep their home as warm as possible while, at the same time, also reducing their monthly heating bill. While there are definitely ways to help your furnace out this winter, we wanted to take some time today to go over some common myths related heating your home. These myths, like any other myths, are simply not true and in some cases can even end up causing you more money.


Myth 1: Setting the Thermostat Higher Will Heat Your Home Faster


It’s pretty easy to understand why people believe that this myth is true. In their mind’s if they crank their thermostat up to a higher temperature that means that their furnace will produce heat at that temperature. This is such the wrong way to think about a thermostat that makes our heads hurt. Your furnace delivers air at the exact same temperature and rate, regardless of the level that our thermostat is set at. This means that bumping up your thermostat to a very high level won’t heat your home any faster, it just means that your furnace will run until the internal temperature of your home reaches that setting.


Myth 2: Close Your Vents and Registers to Reduce Your Heating Bill


Most newer model homes in the Toronto area are equipped with forced-air heating systems to distribute the heat of a home’s furnace. Forced-air systems balance the air pressure in your home to equally distribute heat through your home. Due to this feature, if you close the vents or registers of your home’s heating system you will actually force your furnace to work harder. Because the forced-air system will still try to balance out the pressure of your home, regardless of whether or not the vents are open, it will continue to run long past the point that it should have stopped.


Myth 3: Floors are Always Cold During the Winter


Anyone who has experienced winter in Toronto has, at one point or another, stepped onto a cold kitchen or bathroom floor. While most people just assume that a cold floor is something that they must deal with during the winter, this is far from the case. If your homes hard floor surfaces are particularly cold, this could be an indication that the insulation of your home is deficient. Modern home insulation should succeed in keeping warm air in while also keeping cold air out. If you find that your floors are colder than they should be, check for air leaks around your home. These leaks could be caused by faulty insulation or, in some case, breaches in your home’s exterior. Either way, making sure that warm air stays inside your home while cold air stays outside is the best way to ensure that your furnace doesn’t spend all winter trying desperately to heat your home


Myth 4: Set Your Thermostat Once and Leave it

Although it may sound like a simplistic idea, the warmer you keep your house during the winter, whether you are in it or not, the more your utility bill is going to cost. Many people have the false idea that lowering the temperature in their home while they are away will actually cost them more money in the long run because they will just have to expend more energy to heat their house back up again. While it is true that this can occur, it only happens when individuals drastically reduce the temperature of their home while they are not in it. Reducing the temperature of your home by just a few degrees while you are gone can save you quite a bit of money.


We hope that this blog has put to rest some of the myths you may have heard in regard to your home’s furnace system and heating schedule. If you find that your furnace is experiencing some issues, or you are concerned that it may soon start to experience problems give us a call at EcoLife Home Comfort. We’ll address any issues your furnace may be having and help make sure that you are kept warm all winter long.