Stay Warm This Winter With a Healthy Furnace


Welcome back to part two of our blog series on the signs that indicate your home’s furnace may be about to blow. Here at EcoLife Home Comfort in Toronto, we want everyone to have a warm winter and, in order to help, we wanted to go over a few more of the signs that might indicate that your furnace needs some tender love and care. Keeping an eye out for these will not only help you know when a problem is developing with your furnace but will also let you take proactive steps to repair it before the problems become a larger issue.


Your Furnace Wants to Heat Your House


Remember, your furnace wants nothing more than to heat your home. While we can’t communicate directly with a furnace, we’re pretty certain that if one could speak all it would talk about is how happy it is to keep its family warm. But, as we all know, sometimes your furnace needs to be tended to. Read below to learn some more signs that your furnace needs your help.



  • Pilot Light is the Wrong Color: If you’ve ever taken a peek at your furnace’s pilot light, you’ve probably noticed that it burns blue. If you notice that it has started to burn yellow, this could be a sign that something isn’t right. A yellow flame indicated that the gas combination used by your furnace is not properly mixing and can even be an indicator for problem gases such as carbon monoxide. If your pilot light is suddenly yellow, we strongly recommend that you call a certified repairman to check on the condition of your furnace’s gas mixture.
  • Dust: If you have noticed an uncommon amount of dust coming from your furnace vents, it could be an indicator that your furnace is no longer able to properly clean the air inside your home. To help with this issue, first change your air filters. If changing your air filters doesn’t help call a technician to come take a look at your furnace to figure out why the dust is not getting scrubbed.
  • Blowing Cold Air: Probably the easiest way to tell if your furnace is experiencing some issues is if it starts to produce cold air instead of hot air. This could indicate that your furnace’s blower is malfunctioning and is unable to transport the warmth from your furnace to the rooms of your home. Alternatively, it could mean that your furnace just isn’t producing heat like it should. Either way, having a technician check the health of your furnace is recommended.
  • Age: A good furnace typically lasts between 10 or 20 years. If your furnace is on the wrong side of 15 it may be time to consider retiring it. While we know your furnace has become a very part of your household during this time, all furnaces must eventually move on.

If you feel that your furnace just isn’t quite cutting it, contact us today at EcoLife Home Comfort. We have spent years servicing the furnaces of the Toronto area and will help you ensure that your furnace is performing as optimally as possible this winter. Don’t get left out in the cold, contact us today.