Toronto Emergency Furnace Repair

It’s a typical Toronto winter day and you’re coming home from work, braving the cold with nothing but the cozy warmth of your home in mind; but wait, you walk in and it’s almost as cold on the inside, as it was outside! That’s when it hits you like a ton of bricks; the furnace broke down and everyone’s freezing. Apart from the igloo-like living environment that’s gotten everyone moping around and irritable, you now have the trouble of finding a reliable furnace repair man, and fast! Especially in households with kids and elderly people, lack of heat can lead to various health problems so it’s best you don’t waste any time. For a Toronto emergency furnace repair service that you can always rely on, look no further than EcoLife Home Comfort.

Toronto Emergency Furnace Service


A Home Protection Plan for all your Emergency Furnace Repairs and More!

It’s hard to maintain peace of mind when you’ve got worries like your furnace (or any unit for that matter) breaking down at a critical time. That needn’t be the case for Toronto residents anymore because we cover all electrical systems in your homes for repair, maintenance work or servicing through our Home Protection Plan.

Breakdowns are inevitable when you’ve got multiple units running in your home for long periods; hence, it pays to have a reliable, emergency furnace repair service at your beck and call.

In order to ensure that your furnace emergency repair work is handled in a timely manner, we came up with the Protection Plan Plus Express Service which sends out our maintenance expert to a home anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area within 4 hours! All you need to do is call us and sit back and relax, knowing that a trusty, experienced technician will arrive shortly. Some of our service areas include Hamilton, City of Toronto, Markham, Scarborough, Pickering, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Burlington, Etobicoke, Oakville, Ajax, Brampton, Vaughn and City of Hamilton

We also have specific protection plans for maintenance and servicing of all electrical systems in your home. Regular maintenance ensures that these important units run more efficiently and reduce the chances of breakdowns. With our general Home Protection Plan, you can protect all the systems in your home (including plumbing fixtures), and avail our repair and maintenance service within 24 hours.

More about EcoLife Home Comfort:

We are licensed and registered with the Technical Standards & Safety Authority, as well as the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. We only employ highly trained and experienced HVAC technicians that are trustworthy, friendly and cooperative. Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously; hence, we have strict quality control standards in place for all our equipment and services.

If you need more than just a Toronto emergency furnace repair service, give us a call now and let us keep your home’s vital systems up and running smoothly for the benefit of your whole family!

Toronto Emergency Furnace Repair

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