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Do you ever walk in to a room and crankily ask ‘who turned the heat down?’ and then panic when everyone answers ‘not me’? You know that can only mean one thing; yes, the furnace broke down and you’re about 5 minutes away from teeth-chattering shivers on a chilly Toronto winter night. Obviously you can’t attempt fixing it yourself unless you’ve had extensive training in mechanical engineering; so you’re next (and best) option is to hire a professional furnace repair Toronto service to get your heating system up and running efficiently again.

Furnace Repair Service


What Can I Expect from a Furnace Repair Service?

Firstly, a trained HVAC technician will start off by conducting tests on your furnace to check the overall condition of it and figure out what went wrong. Simply finding the problem and fixing it isn’t enough if the root cause of the breakdown or other glitches in the system aren’t dealt with. Particularly during the colder months in Toronto, the last thing you need is your heating system constantly giving up on you. Hence, to ensure maximum working efficiency of your furnace, a thorough inspection by a specialized technician is important. You’ll be happy to know that at EcoLife Home Comfort, we offer free home inspections and same day services for any HVAC related repairs or installations!

Why Should I Trust EcoLife Home Comfort to Fix My Furnace?

With highly trained and experienced HVAC technicians and an all clear license and registration with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, the question is why not?! If this isn’t enough, here are a few more reasons to contact us for your furnace repair Toronto needs:

  • Use of top brands
  • WSIB registered
  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Maximum rebates
  • Home Protection Plan
  • Sincere client testimonials

Our services cover homes across Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area including Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Woodbridge, Halton Hills, Pickering and City of Toronto.

Is Maintenance Necessary After My Furnace is Repaired?

For most, the sensible answer is yes, while the convenient answer is no; or so they think! The truth is, having a home inspection for your furnace and getting any necessary work done is no inconvenience at all when compared to dealing with a system that keeps breaking down due to lack of maintenance. What’s more, we use heating systems twice as much during the coldest climate and hence, they are more likely to encounter problems when we need heat the most. Regular maintenance of your furnace will prolong its life and ensure that its performance is not hindered through excessive usage during winter.

EcoLife Home Comfort is not only here to cater to your Toronto furnace repair needs; we go the extra mile as to protect various systems in your home (including plumbing fixtures) via our Home Protection Plan. Through this, we can guarantee that one of our expert technicians will be at your service within 24 hours to resolve any HVAC related problems.

Complications in your heating systems are inevitable over time, but a reliable furnace repair job is never far away when you’re covered with a protection plan from EcoLife Home Comfort.

Furnace Repair Toronto


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