At the time of purchasing your current furnace (assuming that its years old by now), you probably thought it was the best, most cost-effective one around. And chances are you were absolutely right. But fast forward to present day technologies and rising energy costs and you’ll find that your old home furnace is doing you more harm than good (at least with regard to your savings).

Modern furnaces are built to operate using less energy while providing a higher heat output. In addition to that, it is far less costly to maintain newer models as compared to old furnaces. This helps to further cut down the long-term costs of having a furnace. What’s more, installing a brand new unit increases the resale value of your home, should you decide to put the house on the market in the future.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a new furnace is the impact it will have on your utility bills. Your current heating system is likely to require a lot of gas or electricity to power it. This energy usage shoots up during colder months when 24 hour heat supply is a necessity. A new, high-efficiency model maybe on the costly side, but many homeowners are able to recover the cost through savings on their monthly utility bills. The cost-efficiency between an old furnace and a new one are miles apart. Therefore, it’s advisable to replace your existing heater with a modern age unit as soon as possible.

Where maintenance is concerned, you’ll find that outdated heating units tend to break down more often than new furnaces. The cost of repair work is generally higher for older models because some of the parts are either expensive or hard to get a hold of. This prolongs the duration of repair work, leaving your family to bear with a chilly home for days on end. On the other hand, new heating systems are much more durable and cost less to maintain or repair. What’s more, you can avail various protection plans for new units that will cover maintenance and repair costs and guarantee quick service for any emergency work.

When buying a new furnace to replace your old one, compare AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings to make sure you’re getting the most cost-efficient unit. Old furnaces generally give about 65% AFUE, while newer units will provide an impressive 90% AFUE or higher. The remaining 35% and 10% (respectively) is simply wasted energy. This lost energy contributes to climate change and hence, makes modern furnaces a better choice for the environment.

To recap, replacing your old, high- maintenance furnace with a new, energy-efficient heating unit means reducing your monthly utility bills significantly; avoiding regular costly repair and maintenance work; improved and stabilized heating; and increasing the value of your home.

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