Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

Don’t wait until winter comes to properly maintain your furnace. Preparing your furnace for winter requires just a few hours of your time and a little effort in order to keep you and your family comfortable when the cold weather arrives.

5 Steps to a Well Maintained Furnace

  1. Replace your old air filter by sliding a new one into the slot you see on your furnace..
  2. Consider upgrading to a  HEPA filter to increase the energy efficiency of your furnace.
  3. Clean your air vents and ducts to ensure the air is flowing easily. Use a long vacuum hose to get farther reach.
  4. Use a programmable thermostat so that you can set temperatures while you are away or asleep which will save you on your monthly furnace costs.
  5. Regularly inspect outdoor exhaust doors to make sure nothing is obstructing the air that is flowing outward. Be sure to remove any branches or birds nests that may be borrowed inside.

Ways Of Knowing If You need A New Furnace

Many people are unsure of the life expectancy of their furnaces. Normally the average lifespan is between 16-20 years. Most times, the way you can tell is to see if your furnace has a pilot light, and if it does you can be certain that it is over 25 years old. If your furnace is up in years,  you should start looking for a brand new furnace instead of waiting for a panicked time to replace it.

Gas & Electric Bills Going Up?

The older the furnace is, the more it loses its efficiency level because most times they are not properly maintained. This will lead to heating issues which can create problems for you and your family. Keep in mind that gas company rates are constantly going up, which is costing you and your family money. When you purchase a new furnace you are ensuring heating your home in a cost effective and energy efficient way.

Any Furnace Repairs in the last 2 years?

Furnaces have the most breakdown and repairs during the last years of  their lives. Just like cars, furnaces will break down and need repairs. However this tends to occur during the last year of their lives.The older your furnace gets means more time and money spent on replacement parts. Another warning sign to look for is waiting a long period of time to get these replacement parts since they are harder to find.

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