It’s not always easy to identify flaws or faults in your air conditioning system. Sometimes there could be a minor issue with your AC’s compressor but you think the weather is getting hotter and simply lower the temperature for cooler air. In this case, you’re only doing more damage to your cooling system and will need to get major repairs done for it down the line. Hence, regular servicing is always advised for any HVAC related system. Still, there are a few signs you can look out for that will suggest your AC is in need of repairs or maintenance.

Below are 5 clear and not-so-clear indications that you need to call up a HVAC repair service.

1. Sudden Reduction or Fluctuation of Coolness

Regardless of changes in weather, if you put your hand against the AC vent and feel like the air coming out is not as cool as yesterday, there could very well be a problem that requires attention. Maybe it’s the compressor, or perhaps the Freon levels have dropped; there’s only one way to find out – call a professional!

2. Restricted Air Flow

Again, turn your AC on for a good 10 minutes and put your hand against the vent to monitor the air flow for a minute or so. You might find it to be rather weak as compared to before or there maybe fluctuations. These are both signs that the compressor is not running efficiently. Similarly, if there is uneven air flow throughout your home (i.e. some areas are not cooling), that would suggest your ductwork is the problem. A professional will be able to inspect and remove any dirt and debris in your ducts that may be restricting air flow. This, in turn, ensures that your AC is not being strained and keeps it running smoothly.

3. Peculiar Smells and Noises

Burning odors or peculiar smells may indicate that something has burned out inside your system. The wire insulation of your AC may have burned out or in the case of stale, musty odors, there could be mildew growing inside the ductwork or unit. For any smells out of the ordinary, it is advisable to call a professional to inspect immediately. As far as unusual noises are concerned, do not waste any time in having a maintenance man come in to repair and service your system. Grinding, screeching and vibrating sounds are all signs that there is something wrong with your AC.

4. Unexplained Leakages

If you find that there is water pooling somewhere, the drain pipe may be clogged or broken. It is a minor issue that can be solved quickly by a professional HVAC technician. Any leakages from the AC’s furnace may suggest a more serious issue that needs to be inspected right away.

5. Faulty Thermostat

Problems with an AC’s thermostat are quite common, but they are not always obvious. Your AC may be running fine but the thermostat is faulty. To identify this problem, walk around your house and check for any cold spots. The entire house may have a stable temperature while certain areas are much colder. This is an indication of thermostats problems.

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